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Major General Marvin G. McConnel Idaho Adjutant General during world war II and the creator of the US Army (National Guard Idaho) 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team.


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Mervin Gilbert McConnel, was born near Parma, Idaho on December 29, 1882, the son of early western pioneers. McConnel was educated in the public schools of Idaho and attended the University of Idaho from 1901 to 1903 where he received his first military training,that being the ROTC military science program at the University of Idaho in [[Moscow, Idaho]].

Early Military CareerEdit

On October 16,1908, Mervin McConnel, enlisted as a private in the 2nd Idaho Infantry,Idaho National Guard. In April 1909, he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant,and assigned to Company G, in Caldwell, Idaho. McConnel, moved up fast from a 2nd Lieutenant to a Captain he was promoted on January 1,1911 and took command of the company. McConnel, was not ready for such responsibility's. In 1914, due to the pressure of affairs, he was obliged to submit his   resignation. McConnel was almost immediately re-commissioned on the Battalion Staff as a Second Lieutenant.

The Pancho Villa ExpeditionEdit

In 1916 McConnel's guard unit was deployed to Mexico to participate in the Pancho Villa Expedition. He accompanied the 2nd Idaho Infantry on the Punitive Expedition on the Mexican  Border and on March 27, 1917, he was promoted to 1st Lt. and assigned to the position of Battalion Adjutant. During his time McConnel seen battle for his first time. The declared objective of the expedition by the Wilson administration was the capture of Villa. Despite successfully locating and defeating the main body of Villa's command, responsible for the raid on Columbus, New Mexico U.S. forces were unable to achieve Wilson's stated main objective of preventing Villa's escape.

World War 1Edit

In October 1917, at Charlotte, North Carolina, when Idaho Troops where reorganized by order   of the War Department, the Battalion to which McConnel belonged became a Machine Gun Battalion. He almost immediately applied for transfer to the Field Artillery,which application was approved,and he was assigned to the 146th Field Artillery,which was also Idaho Troops.” The 146th was activated for service with the Allied Expeditionary Force and sailed for [[France]]. While in France, McConnel participated in several actions including the Aisne-Marne, Battle of Saint-Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne.After November 11,1918 armistice that ended the war McConnel,volunteered to stay behind. He joined the American Army of Occupation. He returned to the United States July 18, 1919. McConnel was discharged from the military on July 30, 1919.

World War 2Edit

With the out brake of the second world war the national guard was activated leaving the states with out any military units for defense of their states. The state of Idaho then took the time to create a state defense force being lead by the governor the new defense force the Idaho State Guard. McConnel was put in charge of the state defense force. 

McConnel's ReenlistmentEdit

McConnel made his way back to Idaho after his return to the states. He became employed at the United States Postal Service and it didn't take long before he reenlisted in the Idaho National Guard. McConnel was instrumental in organizing what became the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team. The unit was Federally recognized on January 9, 1922. On November 5,1924, he was assigned to the position of Squadron Commander and promoted to Major. McConnel's service did not go unnoticed and on January 1,1925, he was appointed to the position of Adjutant General of Idaho by Governor Charles C. Moore. This brought him a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel. He was promoted to Colonel on October 31,1926. Around this same time ultimately,seven governors from both major parties would appoint McConnel to serve as Adjutant General. McConnel served eleven successive terms or twenty-two years as Adjutant General for the State of Idaho.

McConnel's DeathEdit

McConnels death came unsuspected shortly after being promoted to Major General on  January 24, 1947 he passed away on April 29, 1948Mervin Gilbert McConnel is buried at Morris Hill Cemetery Memorials in Boise, Idaho located at 317 N. Latah. In Honor of his service to his state and country McConnel was honored with a memorial at the United States Armed Forces Training Center Gowen Field Memorial Park.


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